THA - Captain MotorBoater MotorBoater-Dallas Derby Devils
Muffin Tumble -Texas Rollergirls Announcer
Atom Bomb -Assassination City Roller Derby
Johnny Pepper- Houston Roller Derby
Rosetta Stone- Sacramento Roller Derby
PR Mageddon- Big Easy Rollergirls
RPG- Assassination City Roller Derby
Shady Hawkins- Dallas Derby Devils
Rich Mahogany -Madison Roller Derby (aka Mad Rollin' Dolls)
Scarlet O'Hurtya- Houston Roller Derby
Scar Trek- DC Rollergirls
Stash Merkin- Acadiana Rollergirls
Piggy Phatness- Alamo City Roller Girls


We are excited to announce our THRs for Clover Cup 2018: Kat A Killzem (Katherine Lansdowne) and Jesse Jackass (Jesse Browning) who will be co-heading this years tournament.

Head NSO: Tha Doctah

GTO: Queen Loseyateefa

Skating Official Crew 1

CHR Ninja Sass'em
IPR Kat A Killzem
JR mcninja
JR Jim Class Hero
OPR Mav Wreck
OPR Darth Bling
OPR Artie FM

Skating Official Crew 2

CHR killabit
IPR Jenn U Whine
JR Beverly Crush Her
JR Jesse Jackass
OPR RoshamBill
OPR Mike Hammer
OPR One Nate In Bangkok

Skating Official Crew 3

CHR Colin M. Fairly
JR War Kitten
JR Jane Goodcall
OPR Captain Dantastic
OPR Kylo Ref
OPR Pi Radical

NSO Crew 1

SO Doc Skinner
SK Chiro-Fracture
SK MegaHurtz
PT Wreck-it Randa
PW Buxom Bella
PBM/CHNO Snippysnap
PBT Rickn-Bloc- Her
PBT Beelzebozo
JT Cataclysm
LT Manda Panda
LT Primeval
ALT Dawn of the Red

NSO Crew 2

SO Jesse Jams
SK Lucky D. Irish
SK Mr. Jug Grr
PT Jug Grr Knot
PW Nova
PBT Moxy Brown
PBT Missy Mayhem
JT Hattie Cakes
LT Ice Queen
LT Sweet Tart
ALT Mad Jack Churchkill

NSO Emergency ALT DominA-Sha


JRDA Officials

HR Bob Humbug
IPR Medic Hate Her
JR War Kitten
JR h0n3y b@dg3r
OPR Ben Wa
OPR Maggie May
OPR Dawson’s Law


The Dallas Derby Devils welcome photographers to the tournament. However, available space at Clover Cup is limited;
therefore, only a certain number of media passes will be issued.

Michele Hale - facebook.com/zombiecowgirl

Mr Forbidden aka James Hawkins - https://www.facebook.com/HnotkDesign/

Owen  Fisher - https://www.instagram.com/photofish50/

Duane Baker - http://www.duanebakerphotography.com