Tournament Head Officials for Clover Cup 2019

Queen Loseyateefa (1).jpg

Returning for her second consecutive year, Queen Loseyateefa, of the Atlanta Rollergirls will be our GTO. In addition to her love for skating, she enjoys using her Project Management and Customer Service background to enhance her non-skating, GTO work.


Officiating since 2015, Petey has been the Head NSO of Assassination City Roller Derby from 2016 – Present. No stranger to Clover Cup, this will be his third year working the tournament and his first as the THNSO. Petey recently had the opportunity to officiate at the Omaha Continental Cup and “ … is excited and humbled for (his) first Tournament Head experience.”

Ninja Sassem (1).jpg

Another Clover Cup alumna, Ninja Sassem, is our Tournament Head Referee. This will be her fifth year attending Clover Cup and her first as the THR. Officiating since 2012 with Arch Rival and St. Louis Gatekeepers, Ninja has not only officiated at WFTDA Championships, but also MRDA, and AMRD Championships.


Crew Heads for Clover Cup 2019


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